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Dutch VAT returns

Every business operating in the Netherlands is required to register for VAT with the Dutch tax authorities. Less Grey supports businesses in applying for and setting up a registration and in meeting the VAT reporting requirements, such as filing the VAT return.

Foreign VAT returns

If you trade across borders, you will often be subject to VAT as well as local regulations and VAT obligations. Less Grey helps you with the registration process and the submission of your local VAT returns and other obligations. But also with setting up the right logic and data in your accounting system. Less Grey helps you with the registration process and filing of your local VAT returns and other obligations, as well as setting up the correct logic and data in your accounting system, such as applying the correct VAT rates and issuing an invoice that meets local invoicing requirements.

"Your VAT return is the final stage of the return process. That process starts with the identification of the activities and the setting up and organisation of the accounts." - Bas de Koning

When is a foreign VAT registration required?

There can be various reasons for a foreign VAT registration. The most obvious reason is to keep a stock. A location where goods are received and from where goods are delivered. But also a local purchase followed by a local sale can result in a registration obligation. It is therefore very important that you map out where and what activities you carry out.

Not compulsory, but sometimes desirable

Even if registration is not obligatory, it may in certain situations be desirable to register for VAT. For example, in order to serve local customers more easily or to reclaim local VAT more efficiently. There are also differences in the interpretation of the VAT regulations in some situations, which may lead to the fact that a VAT registration is or is not necessary or desirable.

Declaration process

For each VAT Return, we check the data and documents you provide. We prepare the VAT Return on that basis. After your approval, we submit the VAT Return and other related reports, such as the EC Sales List and Intrastat Report. If you outsource your compliance to us, you can rest assured that your data will be processed and submitted to the Tax Authorities correctly and on time.

Technology and automation

We use technology and automation in our compliance process. For example, we can submit your returns directly using our software, without the need for your login or e-recognition details. This software also provides automatic checks, such as the VAT numbers and VAT rates used.

Why? Safe


Why? Efficient


Why? Correct


Would you like to outsource your VAT returns? Or do you just want to get to know us? We are at your service.


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