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Fiscal representation by Less Grey

Foreign entrepreneurs with activities in the Netherlands often require a Dutch VAT registration. In addition, it may be necessary or advantageous to use a fiscal representative, for example if you regularly import goods into the Netherlands.

Preventing unnecessary cash flow costs

By appointing a Dutch VAT representative, the foreign entrepreneur can, among other things, avoid unnecessary cash flow costs when importing into the Netherlands, by applying for a so-called 'Article 23 licence'.

This authorisation makes it possible that you do not have to pay the import VAT to customs at the moment of import. Instead, it is declared in the periodic Dutch VAT declaration.

Dutch tax representative

An article 23 permit can only be obtained by a company established in the Netherlands or a foreign company that has appointed a Dutch fiscal representative.

Would you like to appoint us as your Dutch fiscal representative or do you just want to get acquainted? We are ready for you.

How can Less Grey help you?

As the tax representative of the foreign entrepreneur, Less Grey is responsible for fulfilling the obligations regarding VAT. These obligations are the result of taxed services of the foreign entrepreneur in the Netherlands.

In practice, Less Grey takes all the administrative burden off the hands of the entrepreneur so that he or she can focus on doing business.

VAT representation services

Less Grey takes care of the following for the foreign entrepreneur:

  • VAT declarations;
  • Declaration of Intra-Community Supplies (EC Sales List);
  • Intrastat statements;
  • Advice on VAT and customs;
  • Contact and first point of contact for the Dutch tax authorities and Statistics Netherlands (CBS);
  • General Fiscal Representation licence;
  • Other permits, such as Article 23 Permit.
The benefits of fiscal representation

The advantage of appointing Less Grey as General Fiscal Representative is that the foreign entrepreneur:

  • do not have to pay import VAT at customs (Art. 23 Licence);
  • can charge 0% VAT for trade in a VAT warehouse (e.g. trade in mineral oils);
  • 0% can be calculated via a tax warehouse (AGP).
Bank guarantee

The Tax Authorities require a bank guarantee if a foreign entrepreneur appoints a fiscal representative. This bank guarantee is a minimum of EUR 5,000. This amount must be deposited by the foreign entrepreneur directly with the Dutch tax authorities. The amount is refunded when the licence is terminated.


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