Replay iOSS webinar: How to deal with consignments over 150 euro?

IOSS rules only apply to sales under EUR 150 euros and this causes many problems. Many e-commerce shops sometimes or frequently also sell above EUR 150. How should you deal with that? And how do you prevent double taxation?

The new e-commerce rules were put in place to ensure a level playing field between webshops inside and outside the EU. For consignments under EUR 150, the iOSS scheme achieves this. But for consignments over this threshold, not being able to use the iOSS scheme ‘overshoots’ this intention by far and brings the non-EU webshops in a less equal position than EU webshops.

In practice, some companies are desperately looking for solutions for this situation. But all these solutions result in more logistics and compliance costs for the sellers. And in some cases: double taxation.

In this webinar we shared our findings, our solutions and looked ahead to the official solutions that the European commission hopefully will make later this year.


  • Our experience with IOSS
  • Problems and solutions for the threshold
  • Glimpse into the future